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The ADON collection is our contribution to the local driving scene, and is the result of the many hours of on-going collaboration between our local drivers (to whom we are most grateful) and our local craftsmen.
The ADON team develops the car shades of many car models locally, in response to local demand and requests. We also make adjustments to existing shade models to meet local requirements as well as develop other requested shade attachments such as the sunroof shades.

Benefits of Adon Shades

ADON Shades offers a multitude of advantages that enhance your driving experience, all tailored to local preferences and needs. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures your comfort and safety on the road. Discover how ADON Shades can transform your driving experience.

Safety & Quality Assurance

The ADON collection is subjected to very stringent standard. At the same time, the ADON team is supported by the same Taiwanese factory that manufacture the original magnetic car shades. Therefore, the ADON collection maintains the same high quality and safety assurance.
Our Taiwan-made shades have been put through various tests and certifications to ensure that our drivers enjoy a cool and safe ride. Vigorous testing by institutions such as SGS and TUV using established international standards have confirmed the following:

1. The durability of the construction and material of the shades, having put the shades through extreme temperature, vibration, compression and rotation (twist) test;

2. The effectiveness of the shades in reducing light/heat transmission and UVA/UVB transmission;

3. The safety of the material used in the construction. This is especially important as the shades are used in high temperature. The shades are tested for many safety parameters, including flammability and the absence of release of volatile organic compound or VOC under the expected operating temperature.


For test fit and purchase, please visit our head office from Monday to Friday between 9.15am to 5pm, and Saturdays 10am to 4pm. Please give us a call in advance if possible if you wish to visit our head office on Saturday.

For enquiries on Adon Shades & Laser Shades, please contact us at:

(Mon to Fri 9.15am to 5pm, most Sat 10am to 4pm, excluding PH)

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