Wiper’s Innovation,
Changing Wiper Blades.

A wiper made of rubber that hasn’t changed
for 100 years is born out of silicone.


Suitable for All Types of
Vehicles at Home and Abroad

Can be fitted to over 90% of Vehicles
thanks to the Provision of Various

Super Powerful Water
Repellency for Safety

Super Powerful Silicone Water Repellent
Wiper with Semi-Permanent Durability

Powerful Adherence of
Stainless Steel

Powerful Adherence to Bent Glass
thanks to Stainless Rail Springs

Heat-Resisting 100% Silicone Blades

Stop Worrying about Corrosion and Deformation
even under conditions of Strong Sunlight,
Ultraviolet Rays, and Freezing Temperatures!


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Find out the size of your wiper blades

Type in your car model, year of make plus "wiper blade size"

Find Out How to Install and Maintain your Blade

Every first purchase includes the full set of kimblade (Frame and Blade).
For subsequent replacements would only require the purchase of the blade.


How to use Kimblade

Korea’s Kimblade Wiper Well-Received by the Global Market

After being ranked 1st in overseas crowdfunding in the car wiper section, our wiper’s outstanding performance was well-received.

The 1st in Overseas Funding


No. Of Overseas Consuming Nations


No. Of Overseas Consuming Cities

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